Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our 10 year anniversary

So I'm not going to write some long love note to Todd on my blog, that's personal. But I still just wanted to shout for the world to know that I love him and that I'll forever be grateful for the day we were married and am excited for the years ahead.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun stuff from daddy

I have a hard time spending money. I know it's kindof wierd, but true. Todd went on a little trip and brought the kids back some stuff. I'm glad he can do that- they really enjoyed it!Dallin got a little airplane that he hasn't let go of all day. I love that Dallin plays with things. He'll also sit and put choo-choo train tracks together. What a yummy treat this is. A strawberry sucker for us all to share- with a real scorpion inside. (What an EXCITING husband to bring home something cool like that)

And this is just Anna in her latest outfit that she's wears every single day. Those pants are infant size 3 months, that are now her skin tight shorts.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our summer vacation

It's hard to believe our trip is already over. Here are a few highlights.

First we traveled to Corvalis, OR to visit my friend Cherie and her family. We each now have 4 kids and bet they'd be best buds if we lived near eachother.
Then we went to Lincoln City.

It was very cold. Quite a change from Las Vegas. I think everyone looks really nice in this picture.
And in this one.
Anna loved that her dress matched Aunt Nichole's.Back in Yakima the kids loved the playroom. We played games, hung out and went to the batting cages, and miniature golf. Todd and I both felt sick (which was kind of lame) but it was still good and we love visiting family.