Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here's the scoop

So I hadn't posted anything for awhile, but then was thinking about how much I love to hear updates from you all, especially when you've moved or something like that- so here it is. We've moved to Yakima, WA. It'll take awhile for it to really seem real because it's still like we're just visiting. But we enjoy being by family and already we got to go pick a bunch of free rasberries and the kids and Todd and I loved it. The weather is nice, and the parks have lots of huge trees. But of course we miss Las Vegas. It's hard for us to make a change and are glad that we had so many extremely wonderful times. We know that there will be many good things here in WA as well.
As for the whole 7 Whitings thing there aren't really 7 of us yet but 1 is a little something in my tummy. He or she is due Feb 20th. I'm finally starting to feel better, but still don't mind passing on chocolate- which is a complete opposite of my usual self.
So please keep me updated on you all so I don't feel as far away.
Love the Whitings