Sunday, July 7, 2013


a few weeks ago we went to Texas to get together with Todd's family.  The kids loved it.  Lincoln especially!  

 Russ liked jumping from the top bunk to the other bed.  It was pretty funny.

 Todd always talks of his fond memories jumping into the creek.  We're glad the kids could enjoy it.   They also easily caught lots of fish.
 We got an above ground pool.   Totally worth it.  The kids love it!
We had such a great week with the Smith family visiting.  We set off some fireworks, went to the Riverton parade, Classic Fun Center water slides, Ikea, and staying up too late!
 Russ was worn out.
 Linc and Caden liked doing their own Parkour stuff, which I guess is jumping off of stuff.  They were cute.
 and this is a little thing I got at Hobby Lobby that I love for hanging my necklaces.