Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter and stuff

Here's Kaylee dressed up as a dancer for a thing at school. She loves wearing makeup, getting new clothes and all that girly stuff.

The kids have Mega been into writing with chalk on the driveway. I love how Anna sounds everything out. (Easter- Estr)
The picture below is with me in the bathroom and Russell outside of it crying.

Todd hates dandelions! But Lincoln was a wonderful helper on Saturday pulling them up. (There are like a thousand more though)

Russell likes hitting- sometimes it's funny though.

Scarlett's static trampoling hair.

Dallin loves his blanky.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

playing outside

It was fun while the weather warmed up to play outside. Now it's back to cold.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Growing up

I decided to take a picture of the kids each month. (Except I haven't been doing Russell, darnit) So here is April: Kaylee- enjoying jump roping at school, gymnastics, playing with her friends, and keeping her promise to not get any more Webkinz until August. (It's been very difficult) Lincoln- started doing baseball and has practice atleast twice a week, but daddy takes care of most of that. Reads the Book of Mormon every night. Seriously.
Anna- Still loves changing clothes all the time. Likes playing Sorry and eating (like mommy) the eating part that is--I don't like changing clothes, I like staying in my pj's.

Dallin- I know, where's his real smile? Oh well. But he has memorized perfectly the first 6 Articles of Faith. It's amazing to listen to him. We love hearing him say "awesome" in his excited voice and he's still obsessed with trucks, trailors and tractors. Cute baby Russell is happy and active and growing up.