Sunday, March 25, 2012


There was a big storm this morning and the wind blew our trampoline over. I guess it's good it hit the balcony instead of our house or the neighbors fence. It bent the frame and ripped the whole mat. Crazy.While the girls and I were on our weekend trip to St. George the boys had fun making smores, playing at the park and my favorite: cleaning their rooms.

Todd and I often talk about things we should do as a family. These talks usually take place at night when we're in bed. Then the next day we don't seem to remember. But this Sunday we acted! We've been wanting to have the kids do some service so hopefully they could think less about themselves and more about others. We went to the park and picked up trash. We also played some kickball. There was actually lots of crying and "accidentally" hurting each other, but all in all it was good.

We went to St. George for Anna's dance competition. We enjoyed shopping, eating, and being together.

Kaylee got her hair cut and her braces off. What beautiful teeth.

Anna lost her 2 front teeth.