Monday, August 25, 2008

My trip to CT and school's here

Kaylee looks so grown up in this picture. She's loving 1st grade.I went to visit my sister Wendy, her husband Adrian and their new baby Scarlett in Conneticut. Mom, Dad, Amy and Kevin came too. We went to the beach, to tour a mansion in Newport, RI and on an adventure in New York. The baby blessing on Sunday was wonderful. We totally got lost in Central Park. We were so tired and had to keep asking people how to get back to 73rd E where we parked. Dad asked a guy who was digging for food in the dumpster which we thought was funny. We didn't bring Dallin's stroller so we were carrying him alot. He was good though and finally fell asleep. Kaylee thought it was amazing that I was in the same place as Giselle in Enchanted.
This is how I find Anna most afternoons.

Monday, August 18, 2008


So I turned 31 and got my hair highlighted. It's fun. I'm so thankful for my family.

Today Cafe Rio opens about 8 minutes from our house. I told the kids if they're good today we can go, but you know even if they're little stinkers we'll still go.
Dallin is so adorable to watch walk

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More fun Yakima stuff

Dallin took his first steps in yakima, and now at almost 15 months he's finally walking!
At grandma's house Anna told me there was a fly upstairs so she got the fly swatter down by herself, went back upstairs and then came down with a fly on it. Wow!
We enjoyed a day at the Yakima Family Fun Center miniature golfing.
Anna turned 3. Todd got her these fake earings that lasted long enough for a picture.