Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And now the Father's Day picture...

Sunday after church we told the kids it was time for a picture.  There was a collective, "nooooo" from all of them.  I'm sure we bribed them with something.  This one's funny cuz Lincoln did something to make Kaylee mad.
I enjoy my mornings when the 2 boys play together.

Lisa and I, it was windy out
my sisters Amy & Wendy

On this fun Saturday the girls were decorating cupcakes

the boys played baseball and the wii

and Russ got mad because he couldn't eat all the frosting and cupcakes

here's Todd playing with the kids on Fathers day
I had been looking for curtains forever and finally found some material online that was just what I wanted.  The boys loved these "ropes" from some trimmed pieces.  The curtains aren't done, but you get the idea.  I wanted to brighten things up in our family room. (the brown are the former ones)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day

Last weekend was nice.  We visited the Bluffdale Cemetery to see Uncle Al's grave site. 
Then we went on a bike ride.  The kids were all really positive.  (We also went to Cafe Rio afterwards)
 Sunday morning we found the kids doing this.  Do you think any of the kix got smashed?