Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation all done

This was at a park by our house. It ended with Anna falling off.

We went to Branson, Missouri. It was awesome. All of my 6 other brothers and sisters came and my parents. There were alot of fun shows and activities. We made lots of good memories. Then we traveled to Mena, Arkansas. It was so lush and green. My uncle fed us lots of good fried Southern cooking. The kids loved catching fish.

Kay got a big catfish.

This is at the end of our journey at the airport. Daddy's father's day picture.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So far things with the dog are going well. He's doing fine outside and the kids take good care of him.
Todd went on a fishing trip with his cousins, but the lakes were frozen. He said it was still lots of fun.
I'm kinda bummed the Fall TV shows are over. I'll miss watching Lost but am excited Chuck is returning. Todd and I like Psych-- we love laughing so hard. The kids know on Wednesdays we watch The Middle. It's very funny and clean. But now we've started Family Wii night and enjoy that as well as individual date nights with the kids.
Kaylee got her hair cut short. It's cute on her.
We got a trampoline and Lincoln loves doing mega-flips on it.
Anna is inquisitive. She heard something about a place that had a tornado and so when we go somewhere new she asks if there could be a tornado there.
Dallin's still a sweetie and obsessed with trucks-trailors-tractors.
Russ loves sucking on his fingers and is adorable!!!