Monday, September 29, 2014

the latest

Todd and I got to go on a little trip to Virginia and North Carolina.  We loved it.  Here we took a tour of the battleship USS Wisconsin.  The beaches on the East Coast were fun with warm water.

This one was back in July at the Tilamook cheese factory.

 Our family went to Lagoon for the first time.  My kids kept saying they were the only ones who have never been! The kids were all so brave (unlike mommy who gets totally sick to her tummy).  Dallin went on Wicked, a crazy roller coaster.

My sweet Lincoln turned 11. That night he received his Arrow of Light and they did this thing where we paint on his face so that's what that is for.  Nice pose.  He had 12 boys over to play night games, but it was pouring rain so we went to the church gym.  It was funny because they all got in the truck bed and when we pulled into the church we noticed a policeman parked there.  We all piled out thinking we were busted but the police just drove out of the parking lot and on his way.  Good old Bluffdale and a policeman who must have understood!

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