Tuesday, May 27, 2014

more pictures

Dallin's Minecraft bday party.  Kaylee had the idea to put different pictures behind each of these papers (animals, bed, food earn a heart, creepers, skeletons, zombies loose hearts) the boys took turns flipping papers over to see who got up to 10 hearts first.  

Linc's room.

the little boys have fun at the baseball games playing around with the other kids.
took all 5 with me to costco during track break

New Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point, I was so impressed with this place.  Anyone who visits Utah has to come here!

pool is up

Anna and Kay at dance banquet

The day Lincoln hit 2 over the fence home runs.  


Rita Whiting said...

WOW!!!!! You are all growing up too fast!!! You should still be our little babies and toddlers! Congrats to Kaylee and Anna! Also, congrats to Lincoln! You are an amazing baseball player! I LOVE the dance poses, Anna and Kaylee! Love the "head in the hat" Dallin! Love your picture, Russ! ---Granny

Jeff and Nichole said...

Man, this makes me really want to come visit you guys. Happy Birthday to Dallin. That's amazing Lincoln hit two home runs in one game. He must be the MVP.